Islamic countries embrace India’s initiative on save soil campaign


New Delhi: The Muslim World League, one of the most influential international non -governmental Islamic organizations, embraced the Save Soil Movement launched by the Sadhguru  Jaggi and pledged its support for the global Movement to Save Soil from extinction.

Sadhguru, who launched the Save Soil Movement, applauded Saudi Arabia for producing 54 percent of its food and converting deserts into fertile lands.

Sadhguru, founder -Isha Foundation, launched the Save Soil Movement this March and is currently on a 100-day, 30,000-km lone motorcycle journey across Europe, Central Asia and the Middle-East in an effort to build global consensus for urgent policy-driven action to save soil from extinction.

“We request you to move the Muslim world to support the soil, not to support me, but to talk about soil, support soil,” Sadhguru said in his appeal to the Secretary General. 

Sadhguru said soil is not only an ecological issue, it is also a way of bringing Humanity together.

“We have already loved you a lot. We loved you even before seeing you and when we saw you, we fell in love even more,” the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Al-Issa told Sadhguru.

 “Let us make it happen on the ground through practical and serious initiative with tangible impact,”  Dr. Al-Issa added.

Sadhguru also invited Dr. Al-Issa to visit him. “Now that you expressed your love, you have to come to my home,” he said.

Later, Sadhguru posted a couple of tweets on his successful meeting with the Muslim World League: “Wonderful to see the #MuslimWorldLeague embrace #SaveSoil. May the region be a shining example of commitment to sustainable ecological solutions and the long-term security & wellbeing of its people. #SaveSoil.“

“Wonderful to have the impassioned support of the #MuslimWorldLeague. Every aspect of human wellbeing is enriched by rich soil. Time to unite as one Humanity with a single focus on Soil revitalization. #SaveSoil. Let us make it happen.”

In Saudi Arabia on day 53 of his journey, the Indian Embassy in Riyadh hosted a Save Soil event which was attended by the Charge d’Affaires, Mr. N. Ram Prasad. Saudi Arabia’s Environment Minister His Excellency Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa also expressed support for the Movement to Save Soil.

Sadhguru applauded Saudi Arabia for producing 54% of its food and commended them for converting deserts into fertile lands. He saw the desert kingdom “setting an example” in contrast to “other countries which have fertile lands and actively working to turn them into deserts.”


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