Marico sets target to achieve net-zero emission in global operation by 2040


New Delhi:  Underlining its commitment to sustainable value creation, Marico Limited, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, has outlined its plans to achieve net-zero emissions in its global operations by 2040.

To accomplish this goal, Marico looks to introduce multiple sustainability initiatives across its global operations with a view of curbing GHG emissions and promoting a carbon-neutral business agenda, the company said in a statement.  

Marico will also move to sustainable built environments across its offices and major operational units, apart from tracking and reporting carbon sequestration potential from afforestation drives.

Further, the company will integrate carbon neutrality measures across all existing and future product configurations and processes, conducting a thorough analysis of business risks and opportunities to create strategies that enable its transition to net-zero operations.

Speaking on the announcement,  Saugata Gupta, MD & CEO, Marico Limited said, “The rise in global temperatures is creating conditions ripe for climate-related disasters at an unprecedented scale, from extreme heat waves and droughts to flash floods and cyclones.

To contain, mitigate, and reverse this threat, businesses must embrace their role as responsible corporate citizens and transition to a carbon-neutral framework, as swiftly as possible.

He said  at Marico, we are taking responsibility for our actions by announcing our vision to achieve net-zero emissions across our global operations by 2040. As part of this goal, we will be integrating carbon-neutral strategies into our operations and take consistent steps to minimize our carbon footprint in the long run.”

Apart from mapping direct and indirect emissions across its operations, Marico also plans to make significant investments in low-carbon innovations and systems to accelerate the decarbonization of its operational footprint.

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Through these measures, Marico aims to nurture a climate-resilient business agenda that creates sustainable brands that guarantee responsible production and consumption, in line with SDG12 and accelerates climate action, as per SDG13.


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