Delhi air quality futher deteriorates, government identifies 8 hotspots


Delhi environment minister Gopal Rai on Monday said that the government has identified eight new pollution hotspots in the national capital and special teams will be dispatched to these areas to investigate and address pollution sources.

Addressing media after meeting with 28 government departments aimed at ensuring the efficient implementation of pollution control
measures in the capital.

“In addition to the 13 established air pollution hotspots in Delhi, we are directing our attention to eight areas where the Air Quality Index (AQI) has surpassed the 300-mark. These locations encompass Shadipur, ITO, Mandir Marg, Nehru Nagar, Patparganj, Sonia Vihar, Dhyan Chand Stadium, and Moti Bagh”he added.

Rai disclosed that the government has additionally opted to employ dust suppressant powder as a means to counter dust pollution within the city.

The Minister added that specialized teams will be dispatched to these eight locations, tasked with identifying pollution sources
and implementing corrective measures in cooperation with the Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

Rai also noted that district collectors have received instructions to carry out field visits on October 25 with the mandate to
guarantee the rigorous enforcement of pollution control measures.

The minister further mentioned, “Instructions have been given to incorporate dust suppressant powder in anti-smog guns to
combat dust pollution. Our anti-dust campaign will be reinforced, and an increased number of field visits will be conducted.”

On Monday the verall air quality in Delhi deteriorates to ‘Very Poor’ category with the latest AQI at 306.

This deterioration can be attributed primarily to a decrease in temperature and wind speed, enabling the accumulation of


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