Delhi zoo celebrates International Cheetah Day with Divyang students


New Delhi: The National Zoological Park, New Delhi (Delhi Zoo) celebrated “International Cheetah Day” and “Wildlife Conservation Day” in collaboration with Central Zoo Authority with Divyang school students to spread awarness of conservation.

The purpose behind the celebration of “International Cheetah Day” and “Wildlife Conservation Day” is to spread awareness among present generation about the Wildlife Conservation.

To create awareness on the celebration of these days, a team from National Zoological Park and Central Zoo Authority visited and interacted with 175 Divyang school students of Jormal Periwal Memorial Senior Secondary School for Blind, New Delhi.

All Divyang school students took part in the Wildlife Conservation Pledge.

The expert talks on ‘Wildlife Conservation and Role of Zoos’ and “Cheetah – a Keystone Species and Food Web” were given by the officials of National Zoological Park and Central Zoo Authority.

The goal of arranging these expert talks is to create the curiosity among these young minds to understand the importance of Wildlife Conservation, Keystone species and role of Cheetah in grassland ecosystem. Participation certificates and souvenirs were distributed among the students.

In September, India received eight cheetahs from Namibia in the world’s largest translocation, which seeks to establish a free-ranging population of the species 72 years after it was declared extinct in India.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has released wild Cheetahs in Kuno National Park which were brought from Namibia, which had become extinct from India

The Cheetahs are being introduced in India under Project Cheetah, which is world’s first inter-continental large wild carnivore translocation project. Out of the eight Cheetahs there are five female and three male Cheetahs.

The cheetah was declared extinct from India in 1952. The Cheetahs that would be released are from Namibia and have been brought under an MoU signed earlier this year.


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