Making commitment to practice environment policies in workplace: Opinion

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By Ramani Ganesh, Senior Vice President – Human Resources, Hirect India

In the last two years, if we have learned something crucial, it is to appreciate the environment and its natural resources. As we go back to work, more and more companies are now more than ever committed to reducing their impact and investing in initiatives that help to make workplaces green and eco-friendly.

Creating an ecologically conscious organisation starts with the management and their workforce’s commitment to follow and believe in environment-friendly policies and their impact.

Facts show that corporate Offices produce a lot of waste, most of which is easily recycled (in some instances, as much as 90% of office waste can be recycled!) with the correct program in place.
Research states that Gen Z and millennials are more than willing to invest in brands and products that are ethical and create value in their lives. An effective program focuses on reducing waste, reusing useful materials and recycling it. Ineffective office collection programs tend to generate a lot of waste and require regular maintenance and expensive waste disposal.
There are various accessible and cost-effective measures a company can take to reduce its carbon footprint and affect environmental impact. Some of them are discussed below:

Going Paperless

Since technology and cloud computing solutions have taken over our lives, it is easier to reduce the usage of paper to its minimum. From using desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and Google Drive for coordinating work projects to investing in digital HR and payroll software to handle workforce management, paper and ink are swapped out for an eco-conservative alternative.

Conserve energy

Turning off the lights and electrical equipment when not in use should be inculcated as a practice within all to save energy. For laptops and PCs, sleep/hibernation mode can be used to save electricity. Old, inefficient equipment should be replaced with high-energy rating devices. Minimizing the use of energy at work gives long-term benefits and is cost-effective.
Collect More

In addition to recycling paper, there are plenty of other waste items in the office that can be recycled. Computers, cell phones, and other e-waste items are just a few of the vast materials recycling companies will reclaim and repurpose. A waste audit helps gain a better understanding of what materials should be trashed or recycled.
Promote a no plastic policy

Employees should be encouraged to carry lunch and water in reusable bags and bottles. It’s important to consciously reduce the usage of plastic and daily waste.

Sustainable transportation
Employees should be encouraged to take alternate modes of transportation to and from the office such as carpooling with colleagues.
Invest in Office plants
Plants in the workplace can help to improve the overall ambiance and reduce tension and anxiety among your employees. Indoor vegetation can help to increase oxygen levels while also removing toxins like carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.
Support Green Vendors
To establish a more environmentally conscious workplace, choose to conduct business with green- friendly brands and companies. Research potential vendors to learn more about their sustainability efforts and determine if they correspond with your company’s mission and objectives in terms of environmental effects.
Gather suggestions from team members on how the company can go green and be more
environmentally conscious in the workplace by talking to them and collaborating with them. Obtaining feedback from employees will allow them to embody and embrace this mission and ambitions.

Encourage environmentally conscious practices in the workplace to help people feel healthier, build a relationship of trust with the company, and be more motivated to thrive at work. Above all, the value of creating a lasting impression of your organization’s environmental effect will remain for decades.


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