IPCA concludes its third phase project of segregation of organic waste at source


New Delhi: In a bid to promote organic waste segregation at source among the communities, the Indian Pollution Control Association and Swarn Lata Motherson Trust concluded their third phase of segregation of organic waste for its recycling and treatment, “Project SORT,” on Saturday.

The project has successfully been implemented at more than 56 locations in Delhi-NCR.

“Project SORT” (Segregation of Organic Waste for its Recycling and Treatment) is the flagship project of the Motherson Group under its CSR initiative in Swarn Lata Motherson Trust (SLMTT), which is implemented by the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA).

“The project was conceptualised with the aim of promoting source segregation of waste followed by maximum recovery through onsite treatment of organic waste,” said the statement.

Ashish Jain, Director, IPCA, said that “Project SORT” is the perfect example of a decentralised solid waste management system in an urban city and it also demonstrates that the issue of waste management can only be resolved by the people’s participation.

“The project also demonstrates the advanced and viable technology of composting of organic waste at a community level,” he said.

Priya Kalia, CSR Manager, SLMTT stated that “during the course of three years, SLMTT provided 235 community composters (Aerobin), each with a capacity of 400 L, which were installed and maintained by IPCA in 56 locations.”

She further elaborated on the special design of bins that maintain aerobic decomposition conditions throughout the process and result in highly nutritious compost.

Dr. Radha Goyal, Deputy Director, IPCA, has analysed the impact of the project over the years and mentioned that “the project has brought behavioural change towards waste management to more than 62,000 people in Delhi NCR.

She informed that “The project treated 185429 kg of organic waste and resulted in making 67678 kg of organic compost and 10000 litres of liquid manure. All the above-mentioned activities have also saved 498763 kg of equivalent CO2 emissions.”

Therefore, IPCA & SLMTT felicitated and acknowledged their contribution in managing their waste effectively at the felicitation ceremony in the presence of Subhash Yadav, Additional CEO, GMDA, and Dr. S.K. Nigam, Ex-Additional Director, CPCB at the India International Centre, Delhi.

“Creating awareness, training, and capacity building of different stakeholders was the key activity of the project, which has resulted in behavioural change in the residents and an increased rate of source segregation,” said the statement.


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