Climate change is a major challenge confronting whole world at present: President Kovind


New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind on Monday said the climate change is a major challenge confronting the whole world at present. India has emerged as a responsible global voice on the subject.

The President said while speaking during the joint sitting of Parliament here in New Delhi.

Mentioning about the COP26 Summit he said government has announced that by 2030 India will reduce its carbon emission by 1 billion tonnes. India has also committed to a target of becoming net zero emission economy by 2070.

During the conference at Glasgow in UK in November last year, 2021 Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced “enhanced” targets for India to combat climate change – by 2030, India will increase its non-fossil fuel energy capacity to 500 giga watt, meet 50% of its energy requirements from renewable sources, reduce its total projected carbon emissions by one billion tonnes from now, and bring down the carbon intensity of its economy by less than 45%.  And by 2070, India will achieve its target of net zero.

Talking about the India’s contributing and new projects to promote the Solar Power in the world, he said India has also taken the initiative of “Green Grid Initiative: One Sun, One World, One Grid” with the global community.

“It is the first international network of globally interconnected solar power grids. Our ambitions and resolves towards the environment are a testimony of our sensitivity towards nature” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the COP26 had launched the Green Grids Initiative—One Sun One World One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG), the first international network of global interconnected solar power grids, jointly with his UK counterpart Boris Johnson, at COP26

“One Sun, One World & One Grid will not only reduce storage needs but also enhance the viability of solar projects. This creative initiative will not only reduce carbon footprints and energy cost but also open a new avenue for cooperation between different countries and regions,” PM Modi said, while delivering his remarks at the ‘Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation and Deployment’ event at COP26.

PM Modi reiterated that the idea for the One Sun One World One Grid (OSOWOG) initiative was put forth by him at the First Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in October 2018.

ISA also aims to mobilize US$1 trillion of funding by 2030 to assist developing countries in expanding their solar power grids to meet their energy needs. “The One Sun One World One Grid and Green Grids Initiative is an idea whose time has come. If the world has to move to a clean and green future, these interconnected transnational grids are going to be critical solutions,” PM Modi said during the launch at COP26 summit last year.


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