Children write 1k open letters to address rising pollution levels in Delhi


By Bhavya Chand

New Delhi: School children of Delhi/ NCR have written 1000 open letters urging people to take simple actions to build a better future using ‘Pollution Capture Pencils’ by Otrivin Breathe Clean initiative.

Actions to Breathe Cleaner program recently announced the launch of its new initiative called ‘Pollution Capture Pencils’ which turned pollution waste by-products into pencils for children.

As a part of this initiative, around 22 sustainable and self-cleaning air purifiers were installed to improve the air quality of approximately one thousand school children.

The pollution residue collected from these air purifiers was then mixed with graphite to create ‘Pollution Capture Pencils’.

These specially produced, and designed, pencils were used by school children in Delhi NCR to write over 1000 open letters to adults urging them to take small actions to help them breathe better.

Through these 1000 open letters, children have shared their pollution stories with the world, talking about how air pollution is impacting their lives and what small steps they are taking as young kids to make this world a better place.

The heart-warming letters share personal incidents and anecdotes from these children’s lives.
Children also urged adults to take small yet impactful actions like participating in a tree planting drive, turning off their cars while waiting at a red light, or to commute using public transport.

The Actions to Breathe Cleaner initiative is trying to put the menace of air pollution centerstage in the minds of citizens of India by not only highlighting the problems it causes but also by suggesting easy everyday actions that can combat it.      

Bineet Jain, Pain & Respiratory Health Lead, India Subcontinent, Haleon said that “Rising levels of air pollution in Indian cities is a big problem and children are one of the most vulnerable groups exposed to it.”

He added that “The ‘Pollution Capture Pencils’ have been used as instruments of change by children to express themselves through heart-warming letters. These letters struck a chord with me, and I am sure they will appeal to everyone at large”.
“If each one of us can take a small action to breathe cleaner, then together we will make this a better world for our future generations”

Sandipan Bhattacharyya CCO and MD, GREY Group, India said “When a message for change comes from the ones who contribute the least to pollution, but are the worst affected, it’s bound to be compelling.

“This is a campaign to trigger introspection and action. So, we hope these letters from children, written with pencils made from carbon extracts from polluted air, makes each one of us take a small step for change” he said.


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