Nitin Gadkari launches BCG Center for Sustainable Earth to achieve India’s climate goals


Gurugram: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has inaugurated ‘BCG Center for Sustainable Earth’, a dedicated Climate and Sustainability Focused Center for Delhi -NCR in Gurugram by Boston Group.
The center will focus on Climate and Sustainability and collaborative work towards a climate in India in collaboration with various stakeholders.
It also will serve as a platform that will be guided by an experienced advisory committee of Global Climate Pioneers.

According to a report, the lives of 0.8 to 1.7 billion people in the world are victims of rising sea levels and severe heat waves, and by the year 2100, due to this, economic losses equal to 25 percent of GDP are expected.

Anirban Mukherjee, Managing Director, and Partner, BCG India said “India currently constitutes about 6% of global carbon emissions and is growing at around 38%, amongst the highest in the world. If the intensity continues on the current trajectory, India’s emissions are estimated to increase by 11x, making it the 2nd highest emitter by 2050 in BRICs, following China.

“The BCG Center for Sustainable Earth aims to help achieve the government’s 2030 NDC and 2070 net zero goals, while balancing the energy security and adequacy of our growing economy” he added.

The BCG Center for Sustainable Earth will inspire and encourage innovative action in priority areas, with a sharp focus on developing AI and technological capabilities for climate-protecting solutions.

In line with BCG’s commitment to reach a net-zero climate impact by 2030, the BCG Center for Sustainable Earth will bring BCG’s best global expertise and presentations to India, to drive change for the future while moving to protect the climate.

In addition to striving to protect the climate, the center will support talent development in India through skill enhancement, empowerment, and partnerships in collaboration with leading Indian educational institutions.

The other objective of the center is to handle the complexity and contingency of India’s unique position in balancing climate challenges with the demands of economic growth by focusing on local innovation and India-specific problems and solutions.

It also provides a holistic ‘Call to Action’ approach to mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience by applying the best practices with BCG’s wide global partnerships and alliances such as WEF, WWF, and other world organizations.

Bringing climate experts together on the ground and working with industry and government to provide deep technical capabilities that focus on issues primary to the nation (such as a transition to net zero, adaptation and resilience, land cycling and transformation, water and food system).


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