EV Cosmos installs EV charging station in Mumbai


New Delhi: To give impetus to green mobility in the country, EV Cosmos, a leading electric vehicle charging solution provider across India, has installed an EV charging station at the Orchid Hotel near Mumbai Airport.

“The fast charging facility has been inaugurated in collaboration with Parameter Engineering Projects of Ahmedabad,” the company said in a statement.

The EV station project is accessible to both the hotel’s guests and any electric vehicle users that may be travelling near the airport.

Commenting on setting up the station, Pramod Geetey, Managing Director, EV Cosmos, said, “We’re thrilled to announce the establishment of our new fast charging station at The Orchid Hotel.

He added that as people are more likely to turn to EV’s nowadays, they are taking EVs on long-distance vacations, thus also looking for an ideal place to charge their electric vehicles.

Geetey said a charging station installation at hotels is not only a mode of generating revenue for the hotel owners, but the initiative also makes their hotels more attractive as well as encourages guests to return.

On the successful installation of the EV charging station, Amitabh Shivpuri, Director of EV Cosmos, said, “EV charging stations at hotels will become a trend in the near future and guests would prefer hotels with charging options.”

With the future trend, hotels will be able to demonstrate their dedication to sustainability and their initiative toward a greener business model. “

“We at EV Cosmos are continuously adding intelligent EV charging stations to hotels, apartments, residents, and hospitals to encourage people to move towards a more eco-friendly society,” he further added.

“The venture focuses on building a sustainable EV ecosystem in India by offering the best EV charging solutions that are easy to access for every individual,” it said.


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