Delhi government forms 48 enforcement teams to deal with single use plastic


New Delhi: Delhi government decided to give special training to  48 enforcement teams on Friday to check and implement the ban on single-use plastic at ground level.

The state government also launched a helpline number 011-23815435 regarding single-use plastics was issued, enabling the general public to contact the department with any questions they may have about this topic.

Of the total teams, 15 teams of DPCC and 33 teams of the Revenue Department will work to inspect the restrictions on SUP items.

On July 8, these constituted enforcement teams will be given detailed training on single-use plastic. Also, warning notices will be issued to those who violate the SUP ban till July 10 and after that penal action will be taken against them by these teams.

“The Kejriwal Government is taking every possible step against pollution. In such a situation, the government is also alert against the pollution caused by single-use plastic” said Environment Minister Gopal Rai.

Gopal Rai said, “There are many questions and doubts regarding the ban of single-use plastic not only in the public but also in many industry associations. In such a situation, a helpline number has been issued by the department for all the people.

He added that” through this number, people will be able to get answers to all their questions regarding single-use plastic by the department.”

From July 1, single-use plastic has been banned in the whole country and in its first phase, 19 items have been included in the purview of the ban.

The ban items include, Earbuds made up of plastic; Plastic sticks used for balloons, flags, candy, ice-creams; Thermocol; Plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, straws, trays used for eating; Packaging Films Mounted on Sweet Boxes, Invitation Cards, Cigarette Packets; PVC Banners made in less than 100 microns; Stirrers are all included in the list of the banned products.


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