PVR joins hands with ‘Save Soil’ movement


New Delhi: PVR Cinemas has joined hands with Isha Outreach in India as its National Partner for the world’s biggest ecological movement to Save Soil.

The three-year association entails providing its cinema screens and spaces for promoting Save Soil Movement initiated by Sadhguru and enlists the support of its customers through monetary contribution for Cauvery Calling – the world’s largest farmer-driven ecological movement, while booking a ticket on PVR Website and Mobile App.

In addition, Isha volunteers would engage with PVR’s customers making them aware of the cause on UN designated days such as World Environment Day on June 5 and World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17.

‘Save Soil’ is a global movement launched by Sadhguru to save the soil from extinction and bring the necessary policies to address the catastrophic issue faced by humanity. In this inclusive undertaking of Save Soil Movement, governments, UN agencies, global leaders, organisations, eminent members of the environmental and scientific community, corporate and individual citizens are uniting behind a common purpose to address the alarming crisis of Soil Extinction.

The ‘Save Soil Movement’ will work towards turning the world’s attention to our dying soil, inspiring 3.5 billion people to support policy redirections to safeguard, nurture and sustain soil and driving national policy changes in all the nations toward raising and maintaining the organic content of soil to a minimum of 3-6 per cent.

Further, as an endeavour to expand its support leading to a sustainable India, PVR is giving an opportunity to its customers to participate in the Cauvery Calling on-ground programme of ISHA by making a monetary contribution to the larger goal of saving the Cauvery River.

Commenting on the National Partnership with PVR, Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation said, “Right now, the most important aspect of conserving nature is the soil. If we do not stop soil degradation, the planet will not be conducive for human beings to live upon it.

UN agencies and responsible scientists are clearly saying, by 2045 we will be producing forty percent less food, and our population will be over 9 billion. It is wonderful that organizations like PVR are standing up to make this awareness grow in the world.

Congratulations to PVR and its viewers. I beseech all the PVR viewers to reach out to everybody that you know, and especially those you do not know, to spread awareness about the impending danger of soil extinction.”

Announcing the association with Isha Outreach for their Save Soil and Cauvery Calling Movement, Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Limited said, “We pledge to recognize the soil crisis and are committed to raise awareness about soil degradation through our media and our loyal patrons.

We are expressing support for the Save Soil and Cauvery Calling movement by amplifying the save soil message in our cinemas and digital assets. We urge our customers to join our efforts in contributing to the environment and climate action program of Isha Outreach. Through our humble approach, we would leave behind a planet for future generation of producing nutritious food and sustaining all life.”


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