National Wildlife Week begins to raise awareness about wildlife conservation


The National Wildlife Week has begun on Monday to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and promote the protection of India’s rich biodiversity.

The 69th Wildlife Week celebrated annually from (October 02 to October 08 ) also provides an opportunity for people to learn about the importance of wildlife and their habitats, as well as the need for their preservation.

The Indian Board of Wildlife established Wildlife Week in 1952 to increase awareness about the long-term aims of wildlife protection throughout India. Wildlife Day was first observed in 1955, but later in 1957, it was renamed Wildlife Week.

Wildlife Week was started with the aim of raising awareness among the public of important measures for the protection of wildlife life. Against this backdrop, the Indian government has created an Indian Wildlife Council that is committed to raising awareness of the conservation of wildlife.

This week also serves as a reminder of Mahatma Gandhi’s love for nature and his contributions to the environmental movement. It coincides with his birth anniversary on October 2nd, which is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti and is a national holiday in India.

“The Earth has enough resources for our needs but not for our greed” This famous quote by Gandhi depicts his concern for nature and the environment.

Congratulating the people, Addl Chief Secretary Environment Climate Change & Forests, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Supriya Sahu said, “Happy National Wildlife Week which is celebrated every year in October from 2nd to 8th to create awareness on conservation of wild species.

“This year our focus will be on conservation of lesser-known critically endangered wild animals found not only in the terrestrial ecosystem but in marine ecosystems too,” she said on a social media post.

Giving details about the initiatives taken by the Tamil Nadu Government, She said, “We have already Notified Conservation Reserves for Slender loris, Dugongs, elephants, birds and started Project Nilgiri Tahr, Turtles etc. We will further strengthen our efforts through setting up conservation centers and their habitat protection.”

During National Wildlife Week, various events and activities are organized across the country, including wildlife exhibitions, nature walks, seminars, and educational programs. Schools, colleges, and wildlife organizations often participate in these initiatives to educate the public, especially students, about the significance of wildlife conservation.

Overall, National Wildlife Week in India is a time to appreciate and protect the country’s diverse flora and fauna while emphasizing the importance of coexisting with nature harmoniously.


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