Global dependence on fossil fuels is unhealthy for environment and economy: R K Singh


New Delhi: Global dependence on fossil fuels is unhealthy for the environment and economy said the power and new and renewable energy Minister Raj Kumar Singh said on Tuesday.

Addressing the Fifth Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) as the president, the minister said that we have the tools to counter the dependence.

He said that most experts have agreed that power generation through solar photovoltaic systems, is the most cost-effective and fastest solution.

R K Singh added that more than 650 million citizens in the world do not have access to power supply, adding the International Solar Alliance has come a long way since its formation and moving forward at a rapid pace.

The Minister said member countries of ISA have come together to fight the challenges of global climate change. He said Solar technology has enabled to set up of mini-grids in remote areas.

“The development in technology is making sure that even more effective resources are available in the years to come. In this pursuit for energy transition, we also have the responsibility to enable development in the parts of the world that lack access to energy and energy security” he said.

Singh added that it is our mission that ISA can assist member nations in formulating and implementing solar-ready policies, regulatory development of national energy landscapes and engaging with public and private sector entities to leverage low-cost financing to achieve ISA’s solarization agenda.

“The ISA is structured as an international resource hub with in-house technical expertise that will be readily accessible by member nations and is capable of guiding project implementation at scale.

The ISA has come a long way since its formation, and we are moving forward at a great pace, thanks to the guidance and support provided by each and every member of ISA.”

While India holds the office of the president of the ISA Assembly, France is co-president. The Assembly is the apex decision-making body of ISA, in which each member country is represented.

This body makes decisions concerning the implementation of the ISA’s Framework Agreement and coordinated actions to be taken to achieve its objective. The assembly meets annually at the ministerial level at the ISA’s seat.
Participating in the event, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Minister of State for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships said that “France deeply believes that the International Solar Alliance is a key initiative for global action against climate change.

The alliance has made constant progress towards being an efficient & result oriented international organization“

“In response to the global energy market transition, the EU has already taken decisive steps and renewable energies are the basis of our response,” she added.

Chrysoula Zacharopoulou said that “This alliance between India and France has made constant progress towards being an efficient, result-oriented international organization.”

The four-day Fifth Assembly of the ISA began on October 17 to October 19, and will deliberate on the key initiatives of ISA on three critical issues energy access, energy security, and energy transition.


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