World Rhino Day: Govt is committed to conserving this megafaunal species: Bhupender Yadav


New Delhi: The world is celebrating “World Rhino Day” on Tuesday (22 September 2022) to spread awareness among the masses about different Rhinoceros species and the dangers they are facing in the changing environment.

This year’s theme is “Five Rhino Species Forever”  to educate people about the five most species of rhinoceroses.  There are five species of rhino – white and black rhinos in Africa, and the greater one-horned, Javan, and Sumatran rhino species in Asia

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced World Rhino Day in 2010 in South Africa but it was Internationally recognized in 2011.

Recognising the importance of Rhinos, Union Environment Forest and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav said, ” Govt is committed to conserving this megafaunal species.  Kudos to all involved in the effort”.

“India has a long history of conserving one-horn rhinoceros. It’s matter of pride poaching of rhinos in Kaziranga has gone down to the lowest in the last two decades” the minister tweeted.

Minister of State, Ashwini Kr. Choubey also called upon the people to spread awareness among the people.

“The main objective of this day is to raise public awareness about rhinos. Let us all take a pledge to protect and promote rhinos and spread awareness among the public” he tweeted.

Poaching of rhinos for rhino horn is still a huge threat and climate change is also leading to its extinction, so to make sure we don’t lose these incredibly precious creatures and conserve them the day celebrates the animal and encourages people to take steps for its conservation.

This day also celebrates all five rhino species namely the Sumatran, Black, Greater One-horned, Javan, and White rhino species.

This year’s World Rhino Day will be observed under the theme- Five Rhino Species Forever.  The rhinos are constantly under severe threat. It is because of deforestation, industrialization and related human activities.

The day’s announcement was made in 2010 by WWF-South Africa. Lisa Jane Campbell, the founder of Annamitici and owner of the Chishakwe Ranch in Zimbabwe, teamed up with Rhishja Cota, the event’s creative director in 2011 to raise awareness about the need to preserve or protect all five species of rhinos from extinction.

 World Rhino Day was first observed in 2011, and every year since then, it has been observed worldwide.


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