Delhi government to launch 15 points action plan to tackle winter pollution  


New Delhi: To mitigate the winter pollution in the national capital Delhi government has decided to launch 15 points winter action plan, which will be launched very soon.

To fast-track, the plan, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai held a high-level meeting with the concerned departments to prepare the winter action plan against pollution here on Thursday.

The officials of the Environment Department, DPCC, Development Department, and Forest Department were present at the meeting.

Recently, Delhi has been ranked as the most polluted city in the world, as per the global analysis of air quality.

“Delhi Government has started preparing the winter action plan for the coming days against pollution. This year’s Winter Action Plan is based on 15 focus points such as stubble and garbage burning, vehicular and dust pollution, hotspots, smog tower, dialogue with the central government and neighboring states, green war room and green apps” Gopal Rai said while chairing the meeting.

“The key goal of our government this year will be to control pollution through public engagement,” he said.

Gopal Rai said, “First of the 15 focus points is the problem of stubble burning. In the coming days, work will be done by making the problem of stubble burning a focal point. The second is dust pollution. The third focuses on vehicular pollution. The fourth focus point is the garbage being incinerated all over the place. During the winter, garbage is burnt everywhere in every area. The fifth point is industrial pollution.

 He said, “In this, it will be ensured that all the registered industrial units of Delhi have been converted to PNG. The sixth point is Green War Room and Green Delhi App. Work is being done on Green War Room and Green Delhi App since last year”

The Environment Minister said, “ also urged the government of neighboring states,  to work with Delhi and put in place anti-pollution measures to make the entire Delhi-NCR free of air pollution.  

“Fifth focus point would be to establish dialogue with the central government and neighbouring states, so that joint work can be done to control pollution. These are the 15 focus points of our Winter Action Plan around which we will develop our future plan” he said.
On 5th of September, another review meeting with representatives from all 33 involved departments will be convened to create a collative action plan on the 15-point agenda.

The major goal of this meeting is to create a coordinated action plan in the fight against Delhi’s pollution. On the basis of the 15 key points set forth in the Winter Action Plan, specific responsibilities will be given to various departments during the meeting.

“The Winter Action Plan for this year will be created as a result by the Delhi Government. Additionally, at the meeting on September 5th, all departments will discuss how to apply the amended GRAP by CAQM in Delhi” he said.


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