People must follow environment friendly lifestyle to save planet: Bhupender Yadav


New Delhi: The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has organized “Hariyali Mahotsav” Tree Festival, in New Delhi. The aim of the event is to create awareness about the importance of trees to protect our environment for present as well as future generations.

The event was organised in collaboration with the State Governments, Police Institutions of NCT Government of Delhi and Schools of Delhi for undertaking plantation drives across the country.

Speaking at the event Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav called the nation forward to make the environment green and highlighted that protection of rivers, mountains and environment.

He also urged people to follow environment friendly lifestyle to save our planet.

“Tree plantation is one of the actions towards Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE)as announced by the Prime Minister in COP 26 at Glasgowand it is a need for all of us to come together to take LiFE forward as a campaign” he added.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s call for sustainable environment, Yadav said that India has a population of 17% of the world yet it accounts for only 4% of carbon emission while other developed nations with the same percentage of population account for nearly 60% of carbon emission.

He underlined the importance of ban on single use of plastics from 1st July and requested for shared responsibility from the citizens of the country in its full implementation .

Bhupender Yadav appealed to the students and the youth to work towards the resolve of the Prime Minister through plantation of trees, cleanliness, working in the field of new energy, keeping the earth green and developing a scientific attitude to save the world along with working on their careers in the future.

Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ashwini Kumar Choubey said that tackling climate change is among the major challenges confronting the world.

He reiterated PM’s clarion call for Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) and highlighted the importance of trees in Indian Vedas and mythology.

Secretary, Leena Nandan expressed that everyone has a relation with nature and todays’ program is markednot only for plantation of trees but also symbolises the celebration of 75 years of Independence as ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’.

She appealed to the children to not only resolve to plant trees but also spread the message to every individual they come across.

The programme involves planation activities at 75 Nagar Vans, 75 km of road length around 75 Police establishments, in 75 schools of Delhi and 75 degraded sites across the country which are clear indication that people are not only welcoming but willing for participation in nature conservation.


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