First ‘Goreya Gram’ developed in East Delhi to increase population of sparrows


New Delhi: Delhi government has developed its first ‘Goreya Gram’ in Garhi Mandu City Forest in East Delhi to increase the population of sparrows in the state.

Environment, Forests and Wildlife Minister Gopal Rai, visited the Garhi Mandu City Forest and said the primary goal of this Goreya Gram is to provide ecological assistance to sparrows.

“The Delhi government, is taking all necessary steps to improve the environment in Delhi and reduce pollution levels. In a similar vein, the government has established the first Goreya Gram in Garhi Mandu City Forest to protect the Delhi state bird, the sparrow” he added

Raising concerns about the decreasing number of sparrows in Delhi, he said, “Several studies have linked this to increasing urbanisation in Delhi, indiscriminate pesticide use, and even electromagnetic radiation. Sparrow birds have been suffering from a food shortage as a result of increased pesticide use in agriculture, and their species is rapidly extinction”

He said , “Garhi Mandu City Forest is one of the four city forests that will be developed to world-class standards, we have developed Delhi’s first sparrow village there.

This Goreya Gram has also provided a natural habitat for butterflies. In addition, a herbal garden facility has been made available to the general public.

The Minister informed that “the department has planted native berries, grass and shrubs like Karonda and Kundli here for sparrows. Along with this, feeder boxes, artificial nests and earthen pots have also been kept in the Goreya Gram.
“Along with this, natural habitats have also been developed for butterflies. Due to which their number has already seen a considerable increase” he said.

To increase the city’s green cover, the Forest and Wildlife Department has set a goal of creating 19 world-class level city forests in Delhi.

The goal of the first phase is to develop the four main city forests in Delhi’s four corners. Mitraun City Forest is located in South West Delhi, while Alipur City Forest is located in North Delhi, Garhi Mandu City Forest is located in East Delhi, and Jaunapur City Forest is located in South Delhi.

These four city forests cover 286 acres of land in Delhi. This project will develop 98 acres of Mitraun City Forest pocket A and B, 48 acres of Alipore City Forest, 42 acres of Garhi Mandu City Forest, and 98 acres of Jaunpur City Forest.


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