India, Denmark agree to further strenghten green strategic partnership


Copenhagen: India and Denmark have aggreed to further strengthen the “Green Strategic Partnership” with foucs on green hydrogen,renewable energy and waterwaste managment.

The decision was taken between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen during the delegation level talks in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

“The two leaders agreed to further strengthen their cooperation within the renewable energy sector and welcomed the work on a comprehensive Energy Policy Dialogue in India and Denmark especially strengthening cooperation on cross-sectoral energy planning with a focus on green hydrogen, integration of renewable energy, energy storage and decarbonisation” said the statement.

Both leaders also reviewed the progress of the Green Strategic Partnership which was the first of its kind arrangement between India and Denmark.

The Green Strategic Partnership, established during the Virtual Summit between the two Prime Ministers in September, 2020, has become a catalyst for enhanced cooperation between India and Denmark.

During the talks, the two Prime Ministers welcomed the concrete progress under the Green Strategic Partnership and reconfirmed their commitment to democratic values, rule of law and respect for human rights on which the Green Strategic Partnership is based.

The two Prime Ministers noted with satisfaction the progress made in various areas since the visit of Prime Minister Frederiksen to India in October 2021 especially in the sectors of renewable energy, health, shipping, and water.

Modi and Frederiksen also shared convergence of interest on the importance of climate action, green growth and energy diversification.
Asserting that India’s role in damaging the climate is negligible , Prime Minister Narendra

Modi said, India have had no role in harming the planet and the need of the hour is to promote ‘lifestyle for environemnt’.
“India is working to achieve the climate tragets which were committed during the COP26” he added.

PM Modi took a private tour of Marienborg, the residence of his Danish counterpart in Copenhagen.

The two Prime Ministers also welcomed the international agreement at COP26 on the need for accelerated climate action for holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 degree above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degree above pre-industrial level.

Both sides also confirmed the aspirations – through the Green Strategic Partnership – to take global leadership in pushing for ambitious green energy transition and demonstrate the pathways to achieving it, focusing both on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Danish Prime Minister stressed Denmark’s commitment to speed up the phase out of fossil fuels and the deployment of renewable energy in Denmark to reach the goal of reducing emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

Denmark was also determined to push for an acceleration of the implementation of the European Green Deal.

The two Prime Ministers welcomed the Letter of Intent on the establishment of a Centre of Excellence on Green Shipping, which will further strengthen the bilateral maritime cooperation.
“The two leaders also agreed to expand the cooperation on agriculture by a Joint Declaration of Intent establishing among others a Centre of Excellence on Dairy” said the statement.


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