Reduction of targeted particulate matter concentration to be achieved by 2024: MoS choubey


New Delhi: Minister of State for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Ashwini Kumar Choubey said that goverment will achieve the targets of 20 to 30 percent reduction in Particulate Matter ( PM 10, PM2.5) concentration by 2024 across the country under
National Clean Air Programme.

The centre has launched National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), which was in January 2019, is a long-term, time-bound, national level strategy for prevention, control and abatement of air pollution.

Under NCAP, it has been envisaged to achieve targets of 20 to 30  percent  reduction in Particulate Matter concentration by 2024 across the country with 2017 as the base year for comparison.

“Funds are released to cities to implement city action plans inter-alia to cover air quality improvement measures, capacity building of local bodies and Information, Education & Communication activities” said the Minister in a written reply in Lok Sabha.
He informed that under NCAP, 132 cities have submitted the city action plans which have been approved. All cities have been funded through NCAP funding and/ or XVFC MPCCF air quality performance grant.

After the three years of lunch program data shows there has been a marginal decrease in pollution levels in targeted cities.

It also shows insufficient expenditure of funds by the states to ensure air pollution reduction.

The analysis shows pollution – in terms of PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels – has actually gone up in some cities such as Mumbai and Delhi ( Particular in Winter) over the past few years.

Under the NCAP, Rs 375.44 crore was provided to 114 cities from 2018-19 to 2020-2021 and Rs 290 crore allocated to 82 cities for 2021-2022.

The programme has an allocation of Rs 700 crore envisaged for 2021-2026.


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